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SilverSel Bio

  Hailing from the rich cotton fields of south Georgia, a five piece band of brothers announced their arrival on the music scene as only they could. Splynter, as their name implies, were very invasive of their surroundings. Which is the exact impression they made on the music scene. Founded and led by front man Richard Gates and Drummer Richard Saldano, the band toured the southeast enlightening the masses with their own brand of post-Southern, Hard Rock and Alternative Rock. While carving their own niche into the ever changing world of music, their high energy and entertaining shows afforded them the opportunity to support some of the greatest names in rock, including era members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackfoot, Marshall Tucker Band, The Outlaws, Firefall, Pure Prairie League, Jimmie Van Zant, Pat Travers, Ghost Riders and Molly Hatchet.

The sudden departure of Richard Gates from the band in early 2009 left them in disarray and in desperate need of a new front man. As they began to pick up the pieces, they went on the hunt for a new lead vocalist. While playing several music festivals, one name kept coming up: Wally Silver. Silver’s arrival signaled a new era for the band, known then as Daysleepers. Rounding out the band was long time friend and Bassist John Wagnon and vibrant guitarist Justin Myers. Upon signing with T&T Management and Booking and Mira Vista records the band decided to change the name one last time to help ensure their place on a national and international scale. Hence, Silversel was born. With a new lead vocalist and a new name, the band went back to doing what they do best, touring and creating great music. Bassist John Wagnon has had to take some time off and Bassist George Adkins has filled in to take John's place.

Being signed with Mira Vista Records, Tate Music Group and Big Noise and took their place in the Music Industry of today. Silversel has recently been signed with SMG / SONY RED and looking forward in 2014, Silversel worldwide with SONY RED.

Presently, Silversel is touring the country incorporating rock, blues, country, metal, and their own unique style of rock, while continuing their climb to the top and showing no signs of coming down. These are the tours they are a part of today.

Recently our drummer Ricky "STICK" Saldano has been endorse by B-STICKS...



Wally "Preach" Silver was born and raised in south Georgia. From a very early age I was introduced to music as a way of life. From my earliest memories, I would sit on my fathers lap while he listened to the 'ole Beach Boys, Elvis, and Johnny Cash records. As time passed I learned to appreciate all types of music and was influenced by it all. At fourteen my father bought me my first guitar, a beat up Alvarez from the local pawn shop. I played until my fingers blistered and then kept playing, bound and determined to play just like the greats. The greatest of these influences were the likes of Buddy Guy, BB King, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Guns and Roses. Over the years I have had the great opportunity of sharing the stage with other greats such as Molly Hatchet, members of Black Foot, Marshall Tucker, The Outlaws, and many more.                                                                                              

Justin "Shaggy" Myers was born in Albany, GA. and raised in the small town of  Millen GA. For the first part of my life music was just background noise. This all changed when my mother played me an old Carlos Santana album. From that point on my view of music, and my life, changed forever. At age sixteen my mother bought me an old Fender Stratocaster for Christmas. Armed with my new ax and a dime store chord book, I set out to change the world of music by being the next Santana. Little did I know that years later I would be sharing the stage with some of rock music's greatest musicians. One of these was Mr. Dave Hlubeck, who's words still resonate in my mind today, "play as much as you can, for as long as you can, and then play some more."

Ricky “Sticks” Saldano-Born in San Diego, California, raised in the southern heart land, comes to you Ricky "Sticks" Saldano. I came from a strong musical background with my father Tony Saldano being a session and pro drummer with many Southern Rock Bands and Country Bands. I was influenced by such groups like ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, and the late great Johnny Cash, ect. I was inspired by great drummers like Neil Peart, Tommy Lee, John Bonham, ect. The one person who inspired me the most was my father Tony Saldano. I remember back when I was a toddler, during his rehearsal sessions curling up in his bass drum while he was playing, thinking to myself that this is what I wanted to do, be just like him a pro drummer. A wise man once told me in order to catch a dream you have to chase a dream. In the process of accomplishing my dream, I have sat in and shared the stage with legendary musicians and Rock n Roll Hall of Famers like: Steve "Grits" Grisham from the Outlaws, Ghost Riders, and Southern Rocks Finest.Dave Muse from the Marshall Tucker Band, Phil Stokes from Pure Prairie League, Charlie Haggard and Scott Craig from Blackfoot. Bobby Ingram, Dave Hlubek, Tim Lindsay, Phil McCormack, Shawn Beamer and John Galvin from Molly Hatchet. All of these guys are some of the greatest musicians in the business today and it has been and honor and a dream come true for me to be connected to these Rock n Roll gods in this way. Rock on!

George "Slick" Adkins was born in Coldspring, New York. We moved to Georgia when I was ten. At thirteen I picked up my first guitar. My teen years were filled with afternoons of listening to bands such as Metallica, Avenged Seven Fold, and the late great Dime Bag Darrell. With guitar in hand I worked relentlessly to try and sound just like what I was hearing on the stereo. As time passed my skills grew, as did my musical taste. I began to listen to some of the instrumental greats such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Eric Johnson. But, it was not until I heard my first Victor Wooten album that I found my home. I had always been a fan of Rush and The Chili Peppers, but was not sure what it was that was so magical. When I bought my first bass I went back and listened to these albums and was hooked. I have always loved music, but never thought i would have the opportunity to share the stage with rock legends like, the Van Zant nephews in Shany Town, and Molly Hatchet.

David Newman was born and raised in Statesboro, GA. Music has played a major part in my life since I was 10. My father was a musician growing up, so that influenced me to start playing at an early age. I didn't listen to a lot of rock until an older sibling showed me Tool and Opeth when I was 13. From then on, I was hooked. Right about the age of 15, I decided I wanted to do exactly what my idols where doing, so I picked up a guitar and haven't put it down since. During my journey, I've been fortunate enough to share the stage with contributing members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jimmie Van Zant, Prarie League, Blackfoot, and Marshall Tucker. Now that I've signed on with Silversel, I look forward to solidifying my place amongst Rock and Roll's finest.




T&T Management & Booking Agency

P.O.Box 771

Brooklet, Ga. 30415

912-925-0883 office

912-925-0926 fax

Tony Saldano


Jeremy Robinson






                                     Dates                            Venue                                                   City/State                                        Other Artists
                                         April 30, 2011                                  Club La Vela  Panama City Beach, FL                         Southern Rocks Finest and Shanytown  
                                         June to July, 2011                            In Studio (Recording First Album)  Nashville, TN
                                         September 23, 2011                         Effingham Oktoberfest  Rincon, GA                                             Battles Of Bands
                                         September 30, 2011                         Club La Vela  Panama City Beach, FL                         Southern Rocks Finest
                                         October 1, 2011                               Yong's Country Club  Savannah, GA                                        
                                         March 3, 2012                                   Phil McKracken's Bar  Worth, IL                                                Molly Hatchet and Southern Rocks Finest
                                         April 7, 2012                                     Oglethorpe Speedway Park  Pooler, GA                                             Molly Hatchet and Southern Rocks Finest
                                         November 2, 2012                            Big Pig Jig  Vienna, GA                                             Molly Hatchet, Lost Southern Boys and Shanytown
                                         November 3, 2012                            Oglethorpe Speedway Park  Pooler, GA                           
                                         December 28, 2012                          VA-LIVE Complex Center  Chesapeake, VA                                     Southern Rocks Finest and Ellie Lee Band
                                         April 4, 2013                                     Shooting Video  Mustang, OK                                           
                                         August 2, 2013                                   Frank's Place  Ormond Beach, FL                                    
                                         August 3, 2013                                   Beef O' Bradys  Umatilla, FL                                           Bad Boys of Southern Rocks Finest
                                         October 26, 2013                               Iron Order MC Club House  Statesboro, GA                                   
                                         November 2, 2013                             Wingmen Savannah Club House  Savannah, GA                                          Jeremy Robinson (Formerly of Jimmie Van Zant Band)
                                         November 30, 2013                            The Worm Hole  Savannah, GA                                          
                                         December 31, 2013                            Island Time Bar & Grill  Port Wentworth, GA                              Southern Rocks Finest           

                                 March 9, 2014                                    Hard Rock Cafe        

 Atlanta, GA                                         
                                 May 10, 2014                                     KMSMC Low Country Clubhouse         Savannah, GA                                          The Fanaddictz
                                 June to August, 2014                          In Studio (Recording Second Album )  Savannah, GA
                                 August 16, 2014                                 Private Event  Statesboro, GA
                                 August 30, 2014                                 69 East  Richmond Hill, GA
                                 September 5, 2014                             Wingmen Clubhouse  Savannah, GA
                                 September 6, 2014                             Private Party Wedding  Clermont, FL
                                 October 11, 2014                               Alibi's Bar & Grill  Rincon, GA
                                 October 24, 2014                               Blueberry Hill  Garden City, GA
                                 November 15, 2014                           County Line Saloon  Melbourne, FL                                        Bullet Theory
                                 November 28, 2014                           Bootleggers  Pooler, GA
                                 February 21, 2015                        Rachael's 1190             Savannah, Ga                                             Ultra Clyde   (SILVERSEL DVD release party)


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